Journal of Mental Health and Ministry

If you work in ministry people come to you with difficult problems. We know you could use some help. The Journal is a collection point for articles from expert ministry and mental health professionals and well as links to helpful resources and research. We hope you will be encouraged and equipped to multiply care in the church and community.

Church Staff Meeting

Maintaining A Healthy Church Staff

* Including the Free Video Resource with Scott Rideout. Maintaining a healthy church staff is a challenge in the best of times.  The world we live in today makes that job even more difficult.  In a recent LifeSupport Podcast, we were joined by Scott Rideout, President of the Converge movement of churches.  Scott shared these 4 key strategies to help …

Compelling Evidence For Mental Health Ministry

A Call To Action
Recent research into mental health and the church provides compelling evidence and direction for ministry strategies. The findings regarding depression, anxiety and loneliness can’t be ignored by ministry leaders. If a church or ministry really wants to get at the heart of current issues among congregants and believers, they need to face mental health head-on. In today’s blog, we look at

Person Hiding Mess

Why Is It So Difficult by LifeSupport

There are some things that are really hard to talk about. When it comes to mental health struggles, many of us feel we have to hide our problems because others won’t understand, or that they’ll treat us differently. All around us there are people hiding their pain. This is just as true in our churches as it is in the rest of the world.

Here’s what happens when people don’t hide their messes:

Empty church showing a lack of engagement

Mental Health Engagement in the Church by LifeSupport

Ready to engage mental health in your church in a new way? LifeSupport is about equipping pastors for mental health ministry.  This blog post from Ed Stetzer is essential reading for pastors.  In the article, Ed shares 3 Ways To Engage Better. If pastors and church leaders are often the first responders to a mental health crisis (and they are), …

Group of men talking mental health strategy

Beyond Support Groups by LifeSupport Resources

Don’t get us wrong, support groups are an excellent and proven care strategy. But, there are many other essential elements to an effective mental health ministry. These 5 strategies for mental health ministry can help you move beyond groups.

Be Ready For The Mess
Mental illness WILL come through the doors of your church. The questions you should be discussing with your team are:

Holding Hope by Julie Hull M.A.

Something to Hold Onto We are all searching for something to hold onto. An anchor, a solid foundation to steady us when the storms of life threaten our ability to hold on. I have been holding hope. Sure it’s easier to lessen our grip when we experience long stretches of days overflowing with abundance and nights filled with restorative sleep. …

A Remodel That Helps Reach The Hurting by Jenita Pace

There is no doubt that anyone who has experienced a remodel understands the depth of work, determination, and variety of skills it takes to accomplish.

As we see the growing levels of trauma and pain in the people around us in and in our church, it can be difficult to determine how best to meet the needs? In order to meet the evolving needs of your people, here is a guide on how to

A woman with anxiety and fear

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear by Melinda A. Cathey M.A.

We are living in days of unprecedented fear and anxiety. In almost every way the future is uncertain. Though much of the world has from time to time experienced empty shelves in stores, or governments controlling where you can or cannot go, this is very new and disturbing to us. Add to that the eruption of long simmering racial tensions yet again.