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Learn about us. LifeSupport Resources are produced by Five Stone Media, a 501c3 non-profit ministry organization.  This page provides a look at our purpose, values, and mission.  If you’d like to learn more about the people behind Five Stone you can meet the team here.

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LifeSupport Resources are produced by Five Stone Media

To help people find life transformation because we are commanded to love others.

  • Bible-based transformation
  • Story as  a method of facilitating life change.
  • Biblical relational influence
  • Pursuing and presenting authenticity in everything we do
  •  Integrity

We use STORY to bring HOPE and HEALING for people in need of CHANGE

The Facts Behind LifeSupport

Someone is Suffering in Every Pew of Every Church

Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness. National Institute of Mental Health Statistics

They Will Turn to You For Help

Statistically, a member of the clergy is the number-one place people go when they seek help for mental illness. Patterns and Correlates of Contacting Clergy for Mental Disorders in the United States

Sharing Leads to Healing

Simply talking about our problems and sharing our negative emotions with someone we trust can be profoundly healing—reducing stress, strengthening our immune system, and reducing physical and emotional distress. Why Talking About Our Problems Makes Us Feel Better

These Are Hard Things to Talk About

In a survey of Protestant pastors nearly half (49%) said they rarely, or never speak on the subject of mental illness to their churches in sermons or large group messages. The Church and Mental Health: What Do the Numbers Tell Us?

LifeSupport Resources help create opportunities to share

  • Conversation Starters for the home, lobby, or pastoral support
  • Care ministry/Support group discussion materials
  • Leader/Staff training
  • Small group curriculum
  • Sermon material
  • Webinars & Conferences

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From Steve Johnson

Executive Director – Five Stone Media

It is truly an honor to support you as you seek to serve and help others walk through trauma and mental health issues. I wanted to share a little about the heart behind LifeSupport.

Five Stone Media was founded as a Christian 501c3 in 2007, starting with the stories of the remarkable transformation of former gang leader, pimp and drug dealer John Turnipseed. John’s story, along with several others, formed the Lifeblood video series for men and women that led us into jails and prisons around the country beginning in 2015.

"Hope is the lifeblood of change."

A foundational phrase from the Lifeblood series says that hope is the lifeblood of change.  The idea of LifeSupport came about as we got to know men and women in prison, where we discovered that stories of shared experiences resonated with the end user to the extent that they were able to engage in deep conversations with each other after watching the videos. Those relationships and shared stories ignited hope for each other, hope that helped them see God’s work in their lives and a new path forward.  Those men and women also shared a common theme with each other. Before engaging in criminal activity, they were a victim of trauma in their lives.

At this same time, my brother was a senior pastor in British Columbia, Canada, and experienced the tragic homicide of his 21-year old son. As I watched therapists and pastoral counselors struggle with how to help a pastor’s family deal with this traumatic event, we felt led to tell the stories of people who were finding hope through these terrible, horrible traumatic events. The kind of hope only found through a relationship with Christ.

“If my story can help someone, then there is redemption for me.”

The direction of LifeSupport was affirmed by many key advisors.  First, retired Christian therapist Terri Hands, who told us that the Church needs to hear these stories. Terri connected us with a large network of Christian mental health professionals and to survivors who have shared their transformation stories with us.

From there we interviewed many more people who courageously shared their stories, as well as pastors, ministry leaders and mental health professionals who all provided profound insight into these issues.

The survivors, whose stories we tell are the heroes of LifeSupport. A comment we often get from the survivors is, “if my story can help someone, then there is redemption for me.”

LifeSupport was birthed as a video collection to help equip the church Body, family, and friends to walk alongside those who are experiencing trauma or mental health issues.

We pray that LifeSupport will transform the hearts of those who have suffered trauma or walked through mental illness.