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Deep biblical connections should be part of a healthy Christian life.  But, for a variety of reasons many people find it difficult to connect with others in meaningful ways. Lee Bailey-Seiler shares his experience and research into groups ministry to present major reasons why people hesitate to join, or drop out of church groups, and to identify areas where you can take action to find new traction for your groups ministry.

Research shows that 80% of us experience trauma at some point in our lives.  Counselor Todd Mulliken brings decades of experience to help ministry professionals understand the specific symptoms of PTSD, the ways it can show itself in relationships, and how to walk alongside someone who is battling it.  Todd also provides practical advice to help ministry leaders establish healthy boundaries for relationships.

Therapist Melinda Cathey shares her experience to provide insight, understanding, and practical tips on how church communities can become safer and more compassionate environments so that people can partner more effectively with the Holy Spirit to care for one another. Melinda share extensive information on attachment and trauma including ways these factors can affect God’s plan for our lives.

Julie Hull is passionate about caring for people who are going through the pain of loss. She lets us into her story of unexpected terminal illness to share wisdom and insights gathered through her own experience with the loss of her husband.  Julie provides practical strategies she discovered as she walked through pain and uncertainty while caring for her dying husband and their young son.

Practical and inspiring advice for pastors and counselors about ministry, mental illness, and marriage.  Counselor Jenita, and Pastor Tim Pace speak from their experience about  depression/attempted suicide, caregiving, and the effects on marriage and ministry.  (Trigger Warning – contains descriptions of attempted suicide events.  Please exercise appropriate self-care in viewing).

Pain is an unavoidable part of our world.  The struggles of life can have a significant effect on our emotional and physical health.  The resulting fear can be paralyzing.  Yet God explicitly tells us to “Fear not”.  Kim lived through the suicide of both her mother and her son. She shares how she learned to look to God's word to help overcome the fear associated with catastrophic loss. 

The purpose of this one hour webinar is to help people understand when power, control and abuse (whether overt or covert) are being used in relationships. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Lynda Koehler share her extensive personal experience and professional expertise to equip ministry leaders who are positioned to help others break free from abuse, find hope, and seek help.

This webinar presents a candid dialog between Jenita Pace, the mom of two teens, and her son Carter, a high school senior.  Jenita and Carter discuss the role that faith plays as parents and teens navigate life.  In this unscripted session, Jenita brings her expertise as a mom, as well as that of a Christian mental health professional.  Carter generously shares his authentic experiences and the ways a real teen thinks about, and integrates faith into his life and the choices he’s made along the way.

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