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Mental health transition videos for messages/sermons can help people engage with difficult topics.  Introducing your teaching subject area through relevant, short videos can help others become open to exploring mental health issues in the church and in their own lives.  Our selection of short videos can be used as is, combined, or edited to fit your specific communication needs.  If you would like to discuss creation of custom/branded content for your church, please contact

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Grief Transition

A trauma survivor talks about what grief is like. Length – 01:31

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Loss Of A Child Transition

John shares what he learned about how to talk with parents who are grieving the loss of a child. Length – 01:27

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Doubt Transition

Pastors Paul and Susan talk about the doubt that crops up in their own faith. Length – 01:35

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Hope At My Darkest Transition

Porcia shares how God reached her at her darkest time. Length – 00:38

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Helping In Crisis Transition

A mom talks about the practical needs she had during a family crisis. Length – 00:58

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Hope And Change Transition

A former gang leader and pastor talks about the importance of hope and the way God can use our desperation to reignite hope. Length – 01:26

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How God Sees Me Transition

Kjersti talks about how God’s view of her changed the way she sees herself and her past choices. Length – 00:49

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Hopelessness Transition

Margaret talks openly about her depression, thoughts of suicide, and her anger with God. Therapist and survivor Jenita shares the value of community. Length – 01:57

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How To Be A Friend Transition

Tim discusses walking through his wife’s depression and suicide attempt and shares ways a friend can be present during trauma. Length – 01:37

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Stigma Transition

Dan talks about how he and his wife walked through life after the death of their daughter. Therapist Allie describes the ways we can fail when we try to support people in trauma. Length – 01:42

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Eyes Of A Survivor Transition

Trauma Survivor and widow Lisa talks about the numbness, lack of connection and support she felt in the years after her husband’s death. She and therapist Jenita share advice on supporting someone in grief. Length – 01:38

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Victors Story Transition

Pastor victor describes the reality of growing up in poverty, the idea of generational curses, and how God responded to his situation. Length - 01:51

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Hitting Bottom Transition

Dawn was so hopeless that she wanted to die. She describes the bottom of her addiction, a dark place of prostitution and homelessness she never expected to be. Therapist Jess presents some of the elements useful for healing from complex trauma and mental health. – 01:55

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The Life We Hide Transition

Trafficking survivor Heidi talks about the life she hid from the world and the importance of accountability and discipleship to face our true spiritual condition so that we can focus on salvation. Length – 01:43

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What To Say Transition

Makenzie was 13 years old when her big brother was murdered. She talks about the way people tried to care for her and what she thinks would have helped her. Length – 01:39

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Post Partum Transition

Sheila describes her experience with post partum depression and how God equipped her to survive. Length – 01:40

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Surviving Depression Transition

A survivor of depression talks about the way her relationship with God grew through her struggles with anxiety and depression. Length – 01:37

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What The Church Can Do

Sheila, a survivor of depression speaks about what the church can do to support people experiencing trauma. Length – 01:38

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Face Of Mental Health

A survivor of generational mental illness shares her experience and thoughts on how the church can be part of healing. Length – 02:04

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Grieving Well Transition

Julie, a widow share her insight on the grief path and how others can take part in supporting those who are suffering. Length – 01:45

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Be A Friend Transition

Pastor Tim shares his experience with his wife’s suicide attempt and how they were supported by a friend. Length – 01:37

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Power Of Story Transition

Sheila Raye and Jenny talk about using their past trauma and mistakes to help others find hope, and discovery how pain can be part of God’s plan. Length – 02:01

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Race and the Church Transition

A mom with a unique perspective advocates for the church to play it’s role in addressing trauma and racial inequities in our country. Length – 01:42

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Stigma Transition

A pastor and mental illness survivor talks about the death of his daughter. A Christian therapist talks about the way the church sometimes falls short of responding well. Length – 01:38

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Escaping Abuse Transition

Lynda is a survivor of long term abuse. She shares her experience with how the church could have responded better. Length – 02:14

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Written Off Transition

Sheila Raye talks about the hopeless condition of feeling written off and when transformation happened for her life. – 01:47

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Searching For Transformation

Sheila Raye talks about the way she struggled to change her life before discovering God’s love through scripture. – 00:46

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Surrender and Hope Transition

Jenny shares the way she surrendered to God to take her out of a life of prostitution. – 01:33

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Feeling Unworthy Transition

Jenny shares the pain in her past of feeling unloved and unworthy, and the day God broke through to show her his love. – 02:06

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Second Chances Transition

Gina talks about the way God changed her life, and how he holds out a second chance to anyone. – 01:26

LifeSupport Mental Health Transition Videos

Like all of our resources, are built on the stories of real people who share their experience, hope and healing.  We’re grateful for their trust and generosity in serving others who seek change.

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