Front Row Seat

From The Executive Producers Chair - January 23, 2021

One of the joys of also holding a title of Executive Producer, is that I have a front row seat, and have the privilege of participating in all of our productions from start to finish. Often times, I ask the questions for our on-camera interviews, and then am tasked with sitting at my computer during the editing process to make sure the story is told in a powerful way and captures the emotion and intent of the person telling the story. It is also a team effort of camera/audio operators, and always includes our writer and Operations Director, Lee Bailey-Seiler.

When Covid-19 hit last March, we already had 50-60 hours of interviews we had gathered, and decided it was a good time to catalogue what we had and create a site called the LifeSupport Resource Library. With mental health the theme, and story as the tool, we now have over 180 items in the library, including webinars, podcasts, short stories, sermon starters, small group materials, and conferences. I invite you to head to the homepage to see how story can be used for hope and healing, tools that we hope will help equip you to come alongside those who are in pain and are suffering.

And also check out our upcoming free webinar “Depression in a Marriage”, where depression, marriage and ministry meet. Here is the link to sign up: Depression in a Marriage.

In Him, Steve Johnson

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