Contagious Healing

From The Writer's Desk - January 30, 2021

I am blessed to help tell the stories of amazingly generous people who have experienced tremendous pain and who have found a way to start healing with God’s help.

Everything we do at LifeSupport starts with story because stories help people know each other, and gain insight about the messy parts of life. When one person shares their story of pain, struggle and healing, others can see that it’s possible to move forward through their own situation. My personal experience with addiction and recovery helped me see that sharing stories provides great opportunities to show others how God has been at work in our lives (often without us even knowing) and how he helps us heal.

Like most addicts, I was pretty self-centered, and my early recovery was no different. I would sit in rooms and listen to other people share their experiences and struggles with recovery, and I would process everything I heard in terms of how it would help me. Fortunately, God has his own design for our healing. I would eventually learn (through lots of stories) that recovery, like the rest of life, is a group activity. As I sat listening to the stories of other addicts, they were helping me heal, and my story became part of their healing too.

This same design applies to all of the struggles that people in the church face. When people have opportunities (and encouragement) to share their stories, hope and healing become contagious. The video stories collected in the LifeSupport Library provide opportunities for people to share stories and start healing.

If you or someone you love is on a healing journey, we want you to know that your healing can be multiplied many times over as your story is shared to encourage others. If you’d like to talk to us about your story please email us at [email protected].