Statistically, a member of the clergy is the first place people go for help with a mental health struggle.

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An Opportunity to Build a Culture of Care

People Are Bringing Mental Health Struggles To Your Church.

Your staff can’t provide all of the help.

You need a way to enlist the church to respond.

Caring for others is not just the job of pastors and counselors. The Caring For Mental Health curriculum is designed to help the rest of us understand how to help support the mental health needs of our friends and family.  When the church body understands how to come alongside others who are suffering, stigma is reduced, people find healing, and Christian community grows.

We Don't Know How to Talk About This

Let’s be honest, mental health topics are intimidating.  We are perfectly comfortable sharing with others and talking about the happy parts of life. Most of us are even okay with discussing our physical health. We wouldn’t think twice about telling a friend about our sore elbow or that we have high blood pressure. But when it comes to mental health, we feel like we should hide it. Most of us feel that we are going to make others uncomfortable or even drive them away.

Who Is This Group For?

This is not a support or care group. This is a small group study created to help anyone be better prepared to support others who are struggling with their mental health. Caring For Mental Health is about coming alongside others through Christian Community.

Everything you need for an engaging group experience

  • Guided group curriculum (5 or 10 week options)
  • 10 Original Session Digital Videos (downloadable files)
  • Session Introduction & Group Guidelines
  • Facilitator-led Discussion Guides – with video summaries, discussion questions, group activities, biblical application, and prompts for personal action and prayer.
  • Facilitators Guide with helpful tips for special considerations when leading a group related to mental health.
  • Additional reference resources: Mental Health Terminology, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Mental Illness Warning Signs and Symptoms

Real Stories - Expert Voices

25 survivors share real-life experiences with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, suicide, addiction, codependency, psychosomatic Illness, grief, PTSD & trauma, loneliness, abuse, and exploitation.  12 Christian mental health professionals, and 9 pastors provide wisdom and expert biblical insight.

Free Group Facilitator Training

We want your church to have a great experience using LifeSupport curriculum so we provide complete training free of charge to help your team get started using these resources.  Every trained facilitator receives complete access to all curriculum resources free of charge. You choose the team who will lead the curriculum and we’ll take care of the rest.  Complete the following form to request in-person or virtual facilitator training.

Looking For a Mental Health Professional?