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Transparency videos present real people who share stories of personal struggles.  Each video comes with a companion application/discussion guide which includes a summary of the video key points, suggestions for use, discussion starters, and relevant scripture.   Please check back as we regularly add new content.

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How Much Do I Share

We know the value of personal transparency when supporting people in pain. But how much is too much? Pastor Susan Thompson presents wisdom for establishing guardrails around sharing.

Pastoral Transparency

From therapist Glen Bloomstrom. The pastor who has the ability to share his or her own journey of faith and human struggle can have a tremendous impact on the mental health and spiritual growth of their church. Scriptural references included.

Leadership Transparency

Therapist Kim DeBerge talks about creating opportunities for willing people to share their experiences as a way of opening the door for others to bring their own pain and suffering to God through their church community.

Vulnerability In The Church

Vulnerability is really scary. Therapist Tom Colbert talks about the vulnerability required to give our lives over to Christ. Those in trauma need people and churches that accept, encourage, and model vulnerability so that they feel free to escape the identity defined by their trauma or other mental health disorder.

Revealing The Real You

Input for moving beyond labels. Heidi is a survivor of trafficking who talks about opening up to discipleship and the accountability of Christian influence and salvation. Therapist Susan shares simple ways all of us can be effectively present for trauma survivors.

Pastoral Transparency

Therapist Melinda sets out some simple steps churches can take to make sure they are able to respond to mental health struggles of staff, board/elders, and the church body.

The Power Of Story

A variety of women including Sheila Raye Charles share how their stories of trauma can be used to bring hope to others and to serve God’s plan.

Trauma And Your Church

Therapist Jenita Pace has an important and simple message for the local church; be ready to do relationship. Step one in providing care is to identify and equip enough of the right people to meet the needs of those looking for support.

Room For Mental Health

Justin shares his experience as a young person with mental illness and thoughts of suicide. Pastors Paul and Deb discuss ways the church can create a culture that reflects God’s love where people can safely seek help.

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