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LifeEdit is a 12-week curriculum designed for Lifeblood graduates or others who have previously built some foundation for change in their life.  LifeEdit uses the real-life stories of 30 men and women who share their own struggles and successes while incarcerated and after release.  These stories help participants make practical, lasting life changes so that they can navigate the challenges of reentry from incarceration and take ownership of their own transformation.

LifeEdit Topics

Your Life, Your Responsibility – Understanding and Growing Who You Are – Your Thoughts – Positive Relationships

Your Decision Making Your Hope – Your Goals – Small Steps

Distractions Your Life Plan

Everything You Need For A Successful Group

The comprehensive LifeEdit Facilitators Guide will enable a group facilitator to lead participants through the lesson plan provided for each session of the curriculum. The LifeEdit Facilitators Guide and Participant Materials will present:

  • Lesson Objectives – Will assist participants understand the ultimate goal of each lesson.
  • Discussion Guide – Helps facilitate effective group learning experience to explore awareness of past and current thoughts and feelings related to the theme and exploration of new thinking.
  • Group Brainstorming Activities – Help to identify individual biases, past experiences and opportunities for change around the session theme.
  • Video Introduction – Each video includes a introduction to set up the session’s focus and to help participants see the compounding effects f the topics covered in this curriculum.
  • Homework – Group participants have the opportunity to build personal accountability habits through daily homework exercises designed to reinforce and expand understanding of session topics.
  • A Personal Life Plan – Through the course of the LifeEdit group, participants will use their session homework to develop an individual life plan that they can use to plan for release and to make key life decisions following release.

Building A Personal Life Plan

Every life includes some unexpected twists and turns.  For people adjusting to life after incarceration, these unforeseen circumstances are often the catalyst that leads to poor decision making and reoffending/violating terms of release.  Through the course of the LifeEdit group, participants will use their session homework to develop an individual life plan that they can use to make key life decisions and stay on track following release.

You Can Be A Spark Of Hope

One essential element for success after incarceration is the hope for a different future.  Many people struggle to find hope when life is challenging.  For people behind bars it can be even more difficult to see a better future.  When you choose to serve the incarcerated, you are an example that there are good people in the world who believe that change and a better life are possible.  May God bless you for your willingness to open your hearts and share your time; we could not fulfill our mission without you.

Free Group Facilitator Training

We want your church to have a great experience using LifeSupport curriculum so we provide training to help new facilitators get started using these resources.  Every trained facilitator receives complete access to all curriculum resources free of charge. You choose the team who will lead the curriculum and we’ll take care of the rest.  Complete the following from to request in-person or virtual facilitator training.