Lifeblood Shorts

Stories That Inspire Change

Lifeblood Shorts is a short-form, self-guided curriculum created to serve those who are incarcerated in jails or other facilities for short periods of time or where incarcerated people are not able to participate in traditional discussion groups.

This new topic-based study helps individuals explore their experiences, thinking, and choices as well as encouraging outlook and  lasting change.



Who Am I – Influence – Hope – Family- Second Chances

Everything You Need For A Successful Group

Authorized Users have unlimited access to all group resources via

  • Self-guided group curriculum (5 topics )
  • 5 Original Session Digital Videos
  • Simple self-led study guides with video summaries, questions, and action steps for individual exploration.
  • 1-page Quick Start Guide.
  • Videos are downloadable and/or available to play live on the LifeSupport website.


Designed as a self-guided curriculum, participants watch the short video and complete a personal Study Guide for each topic.  Alternately, Lifeblood Shorts can be facilitated as group discussion sessions.

Voices of Experience Share Real Stories

Real, formerly incarcerated people share their real-life experiences.  These stories, presented through short videos help participants explore their own lives and find inspiration to change.

Free Group Training

We want you to have a great experience using LifeSupport curriculum so we provide training to help new users get started with these resources.  You will receives complete access to all curriculum resources free of charge. Training for Lifeblood Shorts can be completed virtually over Zoom in less than one hour. Complete the following from to request in-person or virtual facilitator training.

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