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Hope videos present real people who share stories of personal struggles.  Each video comes with a companion application/discussion guide which includes a summary of the video key points, suggestions for use, discussion starters, and relevant scripture.   Please check back as we regularly add new content.

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Addiction & Healing

Survivor Sheila Raye and therapist Trisha talk about the damage of addiction and the role Jesus plays in recovery.

Darkness at the Bottom

Survivor Dawn talks about the feelings of darkness and hopelessness during her time of addiction and homelessness. Therapist Jess gives a reminder of the importance of bringing hope to people in trauma.

Caring For The Hopeless

Some of us haven’t walked through hopelessness and it’s hard to know what to do for someone who’s hopeless. Real survivors and professionals share practical strategies for ministering to those in need individually and through the church.

Hope And Time For Healing

Trauma creates hard questions; does time heal? where do I find my hope? etc. Therapist Julie Hull talks about finding hope after the death of her husband and how we as the church can help bear the weight when death challenges our hope and faith. Julie contrasts earthly and eternal healing.


Vivid descriptions of hopelessness and the real feelings that accompany grief, depression and suicide. Strategies for supporting those in need.

Revealing The Real You

Input for moving beyond labels. Heidi is a survivor of trafficking who talks about opening up to discipleship and the accountability of Christian influence and salvation. Therapist Susan shares simple ways all of us can be effectively present for trauma survivors.

The Power Of Story

A variety of women including Sheila Raye Charles share how their stories of trauma can be used to bring hope to others and to serve God’s plan.

Where Grief Takes Us

Brad share the vivid story of his journey with grief after the death of his son. Brad describes his experience of ways grief can hurt and heal. Counselors Karen & Jess talk about offering everyone their own grief path.

Where Is God

Cindy is surviving the suicide of her husband. She shares with Pastor Paul what she’s learned about God and shares some of the questions that she and others have had for God in times of suffering.

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are built on the stories of real people who share their experience, hope and healing.  We’re grateful for their trust and generosity in serving others who seek change.

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