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Faith and doubt videos present real people who share stories of personal struggles.  Each video comes with a companion application/discussion guide which includes a summary of the video key points, suggestions for use, discussion starters, and relevant scripture.   Please check back as we regularly add new content.

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Christian Community for Trauma

This video, from the perspective of a survivor, a Christian therapist, and a pastor reinforces the idea that the thing that will help people be put back together the most is friendship and a sense of community.


Pastors Susan & Paul, both survivors of trauma talk about doubt. All of us have times when we struggle with faith. Paul shares his personal struggle with trying to understand God’s purpose and his part in God’s plan.

Hope And Time For Healing

Trauma creates hard questions; does time heal? where do I find my hope? etc. Therapist Julie Hull talks about finding hope after the death of her husband and how we as the church can help bear the weight when death challenges our hope and faith. Julie contrasts earthly and eternal healing.

Mad at God depression

Mad At God

If we’re honest, at times most of us have felt angry with God. Survivor Margaret generously shares the pain of feeling estranged from God. Therapist Jenita reminds us of the lament of the psalms.

Mental Health Stigma

Pastor and survivor Dan along with therapist Allie talk about the ways we often stigmatize people who should feel comfortable bringing their trauma to the church.

Theology For The Suffering

Melinda is a therapist and trauma survivor who talks about her confusion and anger with God about the way He was treating her.

Where Is God

Cindy is surviving the suicide of her husband. She shares with Pastor Paul what she’s learned about God and shares some of the questions that she and others have had for God in times of suffering.

Where Is The Good

Good can come from bad through God’s grace. Pastor and trauma survivor Susan talks about her past struggles with questioning God’s goodness during life’s really bad times.

Where was God Discussion

Where Was God

After Barb lost her beautiful son, for a time she was blinded by her anger and grief. Sadly, she was met by some people who were not equipped to support her. Abuse survivor Jessica describes the journey of healing that leads to the acceptance that our identity is defined by God.

The Face of Mental Illness

Kim is a survivor of generational mental illness. The suicide of her Mother and of her son years later, as well as her own struggle with depression have led to a deep understanding. Kim shares her practical insight on God’s provision for our struggles and ways the church family can respond to provide healthy support.

The Darkest Hour Thumb

The Darkest Hour

At the age of 20 Sandy’s life was totally changed when she became paralyzed from the neck down as the result of a car accident. She shares that while she was initially angry with God, she credits her accident and disability with strengthening her bond with God and her spiritual life.

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