Exploring Your Recovery

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The Common Struggle

Approximately half of people with substance use disorder also experience co-occurring mental health disorders.  These struggles are rarely addressed in recovery meetings.

Exploring Your Recovery is a new topic-based group discussion curriculum that goes beyond the 12-steps to help those affected by addiction explore their experiences with a variety of mental health struggles that commonly co-occur with addiction.


Understanding What Defines Us

Many people in addiction and/or recovery define themselves in terms of the things they struggle with.  They may see these thought patterns as who they are rather than a temporary condition to be explored.

Exploring Your Recovery helps people see that their identity is defined by God rather than their own thoughts or behavior. Short curriculum videos introduce each topic through personal stories presented by real people who share their own struggles to help participants see the ways that mental health struggles are fed by addiction, as well as the way these conditions can threaten recovery.


ADHD – Anger – Anxiety & Depression

 Empathy & Forgiveness – Guilt & Shame – Gratitude

Everything You Need For A Successful Group

Authorized facilitators have unlimited access to all group resources via lifesupportresources.org

  • Guided group curriculum (6 topics )
  • 12 Original Session Digital Videos (2 parts per topic)
  • Session Introduction & Group Guidelines
  • Simple facilitator-led discussion guides with video summaries, discussion questions, and action steps for individual exploration.
  • Facilitators Guide with helpful tips for special considerations when leading a group addressing sensitive topics.
  • Videos are downloadable and/or available to play live on the LifeSupport website.


Groups can be presented topic-by-topic as stand-alone discussion groups, or as a 12-part group study. Group materials are simple to access and use and are designed to be facilitated by those with basic group leader training.

Voices of Experience Share Real Stories

35 people share real-life experiences with addiction and recovery.  These stories, presented through short videos help participants explore ways that  mental health struggles and thinking interact with addiction and recovery.

Free Group Facilitator Training

We want your church to have a great experience using LifeSupport curriculum so we provide training to help new facilitators get started using these resources.  Every trained facilitator receives complete access to all curriculum resources free of charge. You choose the team who will lead the curriculum and we’ll take care of the rest.  Complete the following from to request in-person or virtual facilitator training.

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