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Christian Community videos present real people who share stories of personal struggles.  Each video comes with a companion application/discussion guide which includes a summary of the video key points, suggestions for use, discussion starters, and relevant scripture.   Please check back as we regularly add new content.

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The Power of Story

A variety of women including Sheila Raye Charles share how their stories of trauma can be used to bring hope to others and to serve God’s plan.

Christian Community For Trauma

This video, from the perspective of a survivor, a Christian therapist, and a pastor reinforces the idea that the thing that will help people be put back together the most is friendship and a sense of community.

Walking Alongside

Care pastor and trauma survivor Susan Thompson discusses the lasting impact of simple presence.

Vulnerability In The Church

Vulnerability is really scary. Therapist Tom Colbert talks about the vulnerability required to give our lives over to Christ. Those in trauma need people and churches that accept, encourage, and model vulnerability so that they feel free to escape the identity defined by their trauma or other mental health disorder.

Helping A Family In Crisis

Jessica, a survivor of family PTSD shares four practical ways that any of us in the church can be care providers for families experiencing a mental health crisis.


Survivor Rob shares the feelings and thought he went through during his time of isolation. Pastor Paul shares advice from his own trauma experience on how to react when trauma becomes part of your story.

Responding To Suffering

Makenzie lost her big brother to homicide when she was 13 years old. In this video she shares her thoughts about the way her friends and church responded to her suffering.

Revealing The Real You

Input for moving beyond labels. Heidi is a survivor of trafficking who talks about opening up to discipleship and the accountability of Christian influence and salvation. Therapist Susan shares simple ways all of us can be effectively present for trauma survivors.

Supporting Kids/Bad News

Julie is a therapist who lost her husband to cancer. She relate the experience of sharing the news of Ken’s illness with their young son. Julie presents recommendations of ways the church can support families going through similar events.

Surviving The First Years

Lisa shares the journey of feelings and perceptions she went through in the years following trauma. Counselor Jenita guides caregivers to focus on listening as the first tool in responding to people in pain.

Talking To One In Distress

Pastor Tom Gonzalez describe how we resemble Christ when we are distressed, and the importance of expressing our emotions. He shares practical guidance for communicating with someone in distress.

Trauma And Your Church

Therapist Jenita Pace has an important and simple message for the local church; be ready to do relationship. Step one in providing care is to identify and equip enough of the right people to meet the needs of those looking for support.

Walking With The Wounded

Survivor Beth who lost her son and Pastor Paul offer advice to the church on following the model of Jesus to be compassionate and present with the suffering.

When There Are No Answers

Brad talks about the ways people responded after the death of his son Logan. Pastor Paul talks about the experience of leading his church while in the depth of grief over his murdered son.

The Face Of Mental Illness

Kim is a survivor of generational mental illness. The suicide of her Mother and of her son years later, as well as her own struggle with depression have led to a deep understanding. Kim shares her practical insight on God’s provision for our struggles and ways the church family can respond to provide healthy support.

Anxiety Depression PTSD

Cheri describes her family’s experience with trauma and mental illness. The process of healing from trauma is often complicated and can require exploration of difficult past events. She shares that real relief came through the realization that overcoming mental illness is not a thing to be fixed but a journey of healing requiring patience, flexibility, and love.

Racial Reconciliation

Meridel is the mother of three Caucasian children and five African-American children. Her perspective provides a unique opportunity to understand ways society and the church could do better in the area of racial reconciliation.

Walking With The Hurting

Nancy’s family needed support when her son was under control of addiction. Counselor Kjersti, offers advice and counsel on the way Christians can support each other. LuAnn shares the way one church equips it’s people to come alongside others.

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