This and all LifeSupport webinars are available for replay as on demand recorded videos following the live webinar session.\u00a0 Everyone who registers for the webinar will receive a link to the recorded version of this webinar.<\/em><\/p>

Practical and inspiring advice for pastors and counselors about the intersection of ministry, mental illness, and marriage.\u00a0 Counselor Jenita, and Pastor Tim Pace speak from their own experience about \u00a0depression\/attempted suicide, caregiving, and the effects on marriage and ministry.\u00a0 Their emotional story of healing provides tools and insights for ministry leaders, caregivers and those struggling with mental illness. (Trigger Warning \u2013 This webinar contains descriptions of attempted suicide events.\u00a0 Please exercise appropriate self-care in viewing).<\/p>

Topics covered include:<\/strong><\/p>