Mental Health Group Resources

Mental health group resources from LifeSupport are uniquely created to equip Christians to respond to the needs of others .

Life transformation happens in relationship with others.  Many people feel unqualified or unequipped to help support family or friends who are struggling with mental health issues.  Group experiences provide safe opportunities to explore, learn, and gain comfort in uncomfortable areas.   

LifeSupport group resources share stories of real Christians who have faced life struggles and found a path forward.  These resources are designed to help people understand how to come alongside others who are suffering so they can find hope and healing through relationship

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Cover for The Worst Loss Group Resource

The Worst Loss Group Curriculum

Caring for others in pain is not just the job of pastors and counselors. The Worst Loss curriculum is designed to help anyone be better prepared to come alongside a family member, friend, or church member who has suffered the trauma of sudden loss. Click button for preview video, included elements, sessions details, and to purchase.


Cover of Caring for Mental Heath

Caring For Mental Health

Caring for others is not just the job of pastors and counselors. The Caring For Mental Health curriculum is created to help the rest of us understand how to help support the mental health needs of our friends and family.

Let’s be honest, mental health topics are intimidating.  We are perfectly comfortable sharing with others and talking about the happy parts of life. Most of us are even okay with discussing physical health problems. We wouldn’t think twice about telling a friend about our sore elbow or that we have high blood pressure. But when it comes to mental health, we feel like we should hide it. Most of us feel that we are going to make others uncomfortable or even drive them away.

This 5 part group curriculum is designed to help groups figure out how to talk about uncomfortable things and why every Christian has a role to play in meeting the mental health needs of others.

Topics Covered

Session 1 - Understanding Mental Health

Session 2 - Mental Health in God's Plan

Session 3 - Recognizing Mental Health Needs

Session 4 - Responding To Mental Health Needs

Session 5 - Caring Through Christian Community

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